TechCareers is a workforce development program to help our community break into the tech industry and navigate their careers. We strive to not only connect queer people in tech with organizations that display strong diversity and inclusion mandates, but also to provide support and resources for minorities already in tech to thrive.

The program has five components :

Virtual Fair

The TechCareers Job Fair connects our corporate partners with our community in order to recruit talent, provide networking opportunities and diversify the tech industry.

Job Board

The TechCareers Job Board allows our corporate partners to post jobs openings to reach and promote career opportunities to our community.

Diversity & Inclusion Corporate Training

VantageFront is committed to help tech companies support, engage with and recruit from our community. VantageFront also offers a Diversity & Inclusion training series, delivered either by VantageFront or one of our community partners.

Training & Workshops

VantageFront offers a series of workshops and training sessions for the community from everything from helping prepare for job interviews, optimizing LinkedIn and CVs, to accepting job offers from tech companies.


Our mentorship program aims at helping our community access mentorship services to help them on their search for a career path, their first experiences in the tech industry and to eventually advance their tech careers.