Our Mission Defined

What does diversifying the tech ecosystem mean?

A founding pillar of VantageFront is accessibility, and because of this, we are committed to empowering our community to claim their space within the tech community and have their voices heard. We do this in two ways: by breaking down barriers to create opportunities for underrepresented groups to enter the tech space, and by providing resources such as skill development to allow underrepresented groups already in tech to thrive. To accomplish this, we provide resources to companies and hold workshops in order for them to create and foster more inclusive workspaces and hiring practices. By diversifying the tech ecosystem, we aim to give minority groups in tech the tools to find their voices and speak up for what they need to be successful. 

What it means to Thrive 

VantageFront aims to empower our members to achieve their personal and professional goals by bringing their authentic selves wherever they go. We strive to encourage a sense of belonging that comes from both giving and contributing to your community. We believe in education, in reciprocity, and that everyone has something to teach and learn. By combining all of these factors, we hope to build strong communities that continue to thrive.

Breaking Down Barriers

At VantageFront, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to shine. As such, we are committed to breaking down all existing barriers into the tech community, as well as identifying what factors may keep minority groups from contributing. This includes tackling issues of representation of all types, mental health and well-being, physical accessibility, and any other barriers that are brought to our attention. We commit to providing the appropriate resources so that everyone has the support they need when they attend a VantageFront event. Beyond our events, we also aim to educate companies and other organizations on how to make their spaces more accessible and inclusive, to end discrimination and unequal opportunity within the tech community. 

Creating Spaces 

VantageFront believes in creating inclusive, supportive spaces in order to strengthen the tech community. We create physical spaces through our monthly events as well as digital spaces through our online platforms to provide networking opportunities and meaningful connections amongst our members. 

Connecting Communities

An integral part of VantageFront is fostering a sense of community for our members. We are passionate about identifying and connecting communities through intersectionality and creating partnerships between individuals and nonprofits. Our goal is to connect various communities all around the world, to create a global network of members and support systems.  

Supporting and Empowering Members

VantageFront is dedicated to onboarding new members into the tech community as well as providing resources and support for those already involved. We offer workshops, boot camps, and seminars to equip our members with the skills necessary for professional and personal advancement. We provide opportunities for knowledge sharing and mentorship and encourage everyone to contribute. We hope to ultimately provide the tools necessary for our members to start their own enterprises.